R. Klodič. Een bedelaar in de Friese literatuur


  • A.C. de Haan


In 1927/28, R. Klodič, a Yugoslav author, submitted eight short sketches – written in Frisian, if of disputable literary merit – to both the literary magazine De Holder and to the popular weekly Sljucht en Rjucht. From his simultaneous correspondence with Frisian authors and editors of De Holder he turns out to be a student of Slovenian origin who kept asking for free copies of books and magazines in order to study the Frisian language and literature. According to one of De Holder editors, the legitimation for printing his pitiful work was merely its stunt effect. Klodič, whose personal details have hitherto remained unknown to us, took up his correspondence with Frisian authors after the Second World War, this time introducing himself as a civil servant. He also addressed Dutch authors, invariably begging for books and magazines. From his correspondence, a picture emerges of an inveterate beggar rather than of a man of letters.