Frjemde kostgongers. Ta de stavering fan frjemde wurden yn it Frysk


  • L.H. Westra


No attention was paid to the spelling of foreign words in Frisian until after the
Second World War. Several approaches to the problem have since been
advocated: preserving the orthography used in the source language, adapting the
orthography to that used in Dutch, or spelling foreign words in accordance with
their pronunciation in Frisian. However, up till now not much thought has been
given to the advantages and disadvantages of each of these options. The result has
been a constantly changing system, which freely combines a number of
approaches and therefore poses many difficulties to its users. This point is well
demonstrated by the latest attempt to codify the orthography of foreign words in
Frisian, which is discussed extensively in this article.
The author emphasizes the necessity of a more fundamental discussion of the
problem, a prerequisite of which is the preliminary study of two issues: the
pronunciation of foreign words in Frisian and the effects of a foreign word's
orthography on its pronunciation.