Oer it ferbân tusken taalnoarm en lêsbegryp/lêsplezier


  • P. Breuker


A great deal has been written about the desired language standard of
Frisian; actual empirical investigations into the existing language standard
are, however, scarce. A favourable exception to this assertion is Bernadet
de Jager's recent publication: Leesbegrip, leesplezier en de Friese taalnorm;
een onderzoek naar de invloed van de taalnorm op leesbegrip en leesplezier
(‘Reading comprehension, the joy of reading and the Frisian language
standard: an investigation into the influence of the language standard on
reading comprehension and the joy of reading’), published by the Fryske
Akademy (Amsterdam, 2003). De Jager is the first to investigate a possible
correlation between the language standard of Frisian and reading comprehension/
joy of reading. On the basis of reported language conduct, De
Jager has carried out her research among 396 pupils attending grades 6
and 7 of primary school, throughout Fryslân, as well as among 22 teachers
and 5 experts on written Frisian and the Frisian language standard. I will
discuss these matters in detail, on the one hand emphasising the innovative
character of De Jager’s research, on the other hand signalling quite a few
shortcomings. Finally, I will attempt to outline what the ideal investigation
into the subject should look like.