Trans m/v. Genderdiversiteit, seksegelijkheid en recht


  • Marije Graven
  • Marjolein van den Brink


Many of the problems trans people encounter in daily life are caused by law. For reasons that are not quite clear, law seems very much attached to the categorization of people as either man or woman. In the past years some inroads have been made, in particular with regard to the possibility of legal sex change, which is especially relevant for transsexuals. In this contribution, the current legal situation in the Netherlands with regard to trans people is mapped out and discussed in terms of its relevance to trans people in particular and gender equality more generally. Themes considered include sex-registration at birth and the options to change that, insurance law, issues of social security, and non-discrimination legislation. Attention is paid to relevant case law of the European human rights court as well as of the EC Court of Justice.