Interview. De politieke wil en het Nederlandse emancipatiebeleid. Een gesprek met Joke Swiebel


  • Jantine Oldersma


Jantine Oldersma Political will and Dutch policies for women A conversation with Joke Swiebel For more than two decades Joke Swiebel was a civil servant in the Dutch Directorate for the Coordination of Emancipation Policy and the architect of policies for women. She served as a MP in the European Parliament between 1999-2004. The interview poses the question why the Dutch policies on women seem to falter while the concept of gender mainstreaming – more or less invented in the Netherlands and heavily promoted by the Directorate – is embraced by the international community. Although structural factors like the political colour of coalitions and the place of the Women’s Policy Agency within the departmental setting are important in her view, Joke Swiebel emphasizes the role abilities and convictions of politicians and civil servants play in the success or failure of policy.