Oratie. Van lippendienst tot tegengas. Een kritische benadering van gender in organisatieverandering


  • Yvonne Benschop


For decades, organizations have been intending to employ more women in top positions, but with little success. An important cause for this lack of organizational learning is that the problem is still framed as a ‘glass ceiling’, and that measures only concentrate on helping women to break through it. This means that women get training and mentors to change them. Organizations do not change and the organizational processes that produce gender inequalities remain intact. A more complex view on gender in organizations sheds new light on those processes. Organizations are characterized by dynamic social processes, and gender is such a process. The behaviour that people display when they enter and maintain networks also (re)produces distinctions between femininity and masculinity and between women and men. By studying the micropolitics of gender in networks, it becomes visible how power works in daily social practices.