'Ik ben een sterk voorstander van het gebruik van restjes'. Een interview met Stef Scagliola


  • Sara de Jong


In this article Stef Scagliola is interviewed about her experiences with the large scale Dutch Veteran Oral History project, which she coordinated from 2006-2011. While this oral history project did not have an explicit gender or feminist focus, there is still ample of material relevant for gender studies, such as the question of how gender was expressed in the self-narrations of the veterans and how gender relations played a role in the interaction between interviewer and interviewee. The interview also explores the way in which themes such as empowerment and the hidden stories of marginalised people, that have been central to feminist oral history literature, played out in this specific project with veterans. As Stef Scagliola shares her considerations, insights, and reflections, she provides a glimpse of the way oral history works in practice and the dilemmas that have to be negotiated, in line with the feminist tradition to place one’s own research methodologies under critically scrutiny.