Reformatie van de rentmeester. Een voorstel tot integratie van de zorg voor de schepping in gereformeerde theologie

  • M. van Reenen


Christians throughout the world feel the need to answer the questions arising from the climate debate. Orthodox-reformed theology in the Netherlands, however, pays these matters comparatively little attention. Three possible causes of this problem are: stewardship as discussed under the heading of creation; a certain slowness in consideration; and the suggestion that the Ten Commandments do not bear directly on this theme. This essay proposes a more integrated position. First, stewardship of the creation should be more closely linked to the image of God. Second, the Ten Commandments has the creation in view more often than assumed: ‘creation’ is also ‘your neighbour’. Third, in considering creation care as part of God’s ‘normal’ obligations towards us, the threefold function of the law must not be diminished.