De diepte van Pniël. Het existentiële karakter van gelovig omgaan met de Bijbel

  • A. Huijgen


In this essay the author of the book Lezen en laten lezen (Reading and being read) responds to the other essays in this issue, maintaining his thesis that receptivity and the change of subject (God becoming the subject) are crucial for living with the Bible. The author affirms Eep Talstra’s call for exegetical methods as legitimate approaches of Scripture, but denies that a doctrine of inerrancy is needed (against Marco de Wilde). His discussion with Wim van Vlastuin emphasizes the comprehensive character of existence without reducing existence to a relation. He affirms Hans Burger’s call for spiritual formation, but warns against neo-calvinist optimism. Finally, over against Henk van den Belt’s “rules of faith,” the author’s holds that a single rule of faith to read Scripture would refocus ecclesial, exegetical, and above all theological interpretation of Scripture.