Handelen van God, historiciteit, heiliging. Drie kernmomenten van een theologische hermeneutiek

  • J.M. Burger


Hermeneutical reflection needs to do more than focus on certain issues (like evolution or homosexuality). A step back from these issues is necessary: who are we coram deo when we listen to God’s Word? To answer this question, three central moments are important. First, the primacy of God’s acts should be emphasized, for God’s Word is part of God’s saving work and sin has noetic consequences. Second, hermeneutical reflection has to acknowledge that both the interpreted Scripture and the interpreting reader are embedded in history. Third, theological hermeneutics needs to stress not only the importance of justification for understanding, but also of sanctification (the renewal of the mind). The doctrine of sanctification helps furthermore to understand the use of rationality and method in theology.