Veiligheidsbehoefte en het diepste verlangen

  • R. Bisschop


The need for security, pivotal in human life, has a complex relation to other deeply felt desires. As case studies illustrate, perceived security does not necessarily correlate with the actual security evaluations. In addition, both economic growth and recession have been, since the 90's, accompanied by growing popular discontent. One explanation for this discontent could be the loss of worldviews and their collective values once anchored in the Christian tradition and influential in all spheres of society. Modernity's suggested alternative value system, individual freedom, fails to provide an adequate perspective on past and future and weakens the structures of both civil society and the constitutional state. As such, it is inadequate to satisfy modern societies' deep longing for peace and fulfillment. This essay argues that this longing is the consequence of humanity's loss of union with its Creator. Satisfying basic human needs only contributes to deep fulfillment if it functions in a relationship of love between God and man. Therefore, only restoration of this relationship through Christ, can bring about the ultimate fulfilment of human needs.