Open Submissions

International Crimes in the Digital Age: Challenges and Opportunities Shaped by Social Media


  • Chiraz Belhadj Ali Utrecht University



Social Media, User-Generated Evidence, Individual Criminal Responsibility


Due to the growing influence of social media on the dynamics of international criminal law, the investigation and prosecution of international crimes have taken an entirely new dimension. Particularly, the increasing use of these platforms has led to the rise of new types of evidence, namely user-generated evidence thus creating considerable opportunities, but also unique legal challenges. Indeed, while social media became a source of evidence for public authorities, these same platforms are used to fuel offline brutality and atrocities. This article thus provides a comprehensive insight into the advantages and disadvantages produced by the growth of user-generated evidence. It also calls for a necessary legal change to accommodate the digital age. Indeed, it is imperative to adjust the existing legal framework in order to contain the downsides of user-generated evidence on the one hand, and promote their effective use in the International Criminal Court to promote justice and transform UGE in the much needed mine of evidence.