About the Journal

Focus and Scope


The Groningen Journal of International Law aims to promote knowledge, innovation and development. It seeks to serve as a catalyst for author-generated ideas that address the role of international law in facing the challenges of the 21st century. The Journal aims to become a recognised platform for legal innovation with the purpose of developing and promoting the rule of international law through engaging analysis, innovative ideas, academic creativity, and exploratory scholarship.


Innovation + Creativity + Exploration + Open Mindedness

The Groningen Journal of International Law is based on four values, all of which are intertwined with one another. Innovation is the bedrock upon which the Journal is based. Innovation requires creativity, for without the creative mind new solutions will not present themselves. Creativity is dependent on exploration to systematise the unknown. Open mindedness, the ability to look for solutions beyond current structures and paradigms, underlies the exploration of new ideas.

Peer Review Process

The Groningen Journal of International Law is a non peer-reviewed journal. However, if you wish your article to be peer-reviewed, we are able to accommodate such a request. Click here for our peer review standards.

Editorial Board

Kyrill Ryabtsev / President and Editor-in-chief
Jochelle Greaves Siew / Publishing Director
Sally Manuela Eshun / Executive Blog Editor
Isidora Jurisic / Promotional Director
Sam Thyroff-Kohl / External Liaison 
Alexandra Prus / Treasurer and Secretary

Advisory Board

Prof. dr. Marcel Brus / Public International Law / University of Groningen
Prof. dr. Caroline Fournet / Criminal Law / University of Groningen
Prof. dr. Laurence Gormley / European Law / University of Groningen
Dr. mr. André de Hoogh / Public International Law / University of Groningen
Prof. mr. dr. Brigit Toebes / Public International Law / University of Groningen

Editorial Review

Vanessa Hernandez / Editorial Reviewer (Blog)
Joel Joseph / Editorial Reviewer (Blog)

Editorial Staff

Riona Sedgwick / Managing Editor (Issues)
Christian Delev / Senior Editor (Blog)
Zalikha Younas / Senior Editor (Blog)
Lieve Cleach  / Senior Editor (Blog)
Nike Kohne  / Senior Editor (Blog)
Pedro de Sousa / Graphic Designer