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International Criminal Organisations: Contemporary Challenges


  • Groningen Journal of International Law


This issue on International Criminal Organisations: Contemporary Challenges, addresses the effective regulation, which is an ongoing struggle for both international law and scholars alike. Reflecting once more upon the spirit of GroJIL, the articles of this issue strive to provide innovative insights to the present problems, which the international community is facing. Transnational organised crime is currently a global phenomenon perceived as a severe threat to public security. Not only are international criminal organisations growing in number and diversifying in activities, but their networks are also expanding, resulting in contemporary threats that undoubtedly have destabilised the peace and stability of nations worldwide. While the crimes committed by such organisations are, indeed, of serious concern, international law is to approach the challenges around it in the most efficient manner. I therefore thank our authors for their fantastic contributions and entrusting the editorial team. The articles we publish are of excellent quality and the newfangled approaches they provide certainly uplift the academic debate on the matter.