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A Study on the Application of Food Sovereignty in International Law


  • Miguel Angel Martin Lopez



The purpose of the present investigation will be to analyse Food Sovereignty in the light of international law. It constitutes at its heart a legal analysis of this concept, observing exactly how it has been developed until the present moment. By so doing, we will be capable of familiarising ourselves with its legal strengths and inconsistencies, along with showing what might be the way to take so that its proposals and aims obtain the greatest possible legal viability. The complete legal construction of Food Sovereignty has not been carried out. Moreover, one can say that the movement for the defence of Food Sovereignty has focused above all on constructing a discourse of a political nature. It is desired to achieve a ruling as detailed and broad as the program that defends Food Sovereignty, it is worthwhile to propose the creation of a branch within international law, which could be denoted as International Law for the Rural World. Especially as the preoccupation for rural territories is the element that is present in every aspect of this broad political program that defends Food Sovereignty.