Det er så det nye...? - Punktnedslag i moderne dansk dramatik


  • Morten Egholm
  • Veronica Jacobsen


It was for the experimental theatre that the most innovative works in Danish literature were written in the 1990’s. Two of the playwrights who dominated the scene in the period were Line Knutzon (b. 1965) and Morti Vizki (1963-2004), who succeeded in some of their plays in creating a new language to describe their generation’s feeling of an increasing absurdity in the modern world. In plays such as Først bli_r man jo født/ First you’re born (Knutzon, 1994) and Ulvetime/ Hour of the Wolf (Vizki, 1998), we find an original mixture of 1) absurdism and slapstick humour inspired by Beckett, Ionesco, pop culture and old Danish television programmes, 2) a romantic longing to discover the deeper meaning of life through love, and 3) social criticism of modern Danish welfare society. However, regarding the structural and narrative level of the two plays, the experimental approach doesn’t seem to be the main issue. The inspiration seems rather to come from the naturalistic drama and Ludvig Holberg’s comedies of character.