Timing & Time Perception Reviews: Opening the Door to Theoretical Discussions of Consciousness, Decision-Making, Multisensory Processing, Time Cells and Memory Mapping … to Name But a Few Issues of Relevance to Temporal Cognition


  • Warren H. Meck Department of Psychology and Neuroscience, Duke University, Durham, NC
  • Argiro Vatakis Cognitive Systems Research Institute, Athens
  • Hedderik van Rijn Department of Psychology, University of Groningen


Interval timing, Duration, Rate, Coding efficiency, Temporal integration, Emotion, Embodiment, Time–consciousness debate, Temporality, Time flow, Metaphysics of time, Claustrum, Cortico-thalamic-basal ganglia circuits, Hippocampus


The journal Timing & Time Perception (Brill Publishers) was initiated with the realization that the study of ‘timing and time perception’ is growing exponentially with interest from fields as diverse as cognitive science, computer science, economics, philosophy, psychology, robotics, and neuroscience … to name just a few. As with any scientific endeavor, once a sufficient empirical base has been established it becomes both necessary and desirable to support such a rapidly growing enterprise with a platform for publishing integrative and multidisciplinary reviews. We are pleased to announce that Timing & Time Perception Reviews (a joint publication of the University of Groningen and Brill Publishers) is being launched as a diamond open-access journal with that goal firmly in mind. Some of the highlights of the inaugural issue are presented in our editorial along with examples of the types of ideas we would like to see developed in future submissions to the journal.