Venster op het buitenland. Frankrijk


  • Ponsioen,J. A.


France, Durkheim, Emile, Sociology, Sociologists, Research


In France, sociology is a section or the Faculty of Arts. They call it moral and social sciences'. This is not the proper place for an empirical branch of knowledge. The influence of Emile Durkheim is pointed out. After WWII the theories of Durkheim lost most of their former influence and the main interest of the sociologist changed from the macro-sociological reflections on culture to micro-sociological considerations. At present sociology in France gathers fruit from US authors (Gurvitch, Paul Maucorps). With the exception of P. Maucorps, the sociology taught at the Universities lacks a positive study of sociological realities. Only Georges Friedmann leads a team of investigators who study industrial sociology. However, sociological research is mainly a matter of private interest. Among the Cath's mention ought to be made of the sociologists of religion, Gabriel Lebras, Boulard, and Daniel, and the periodical Economie et Humanisme. In Communistic quarters attempts are made to explain history in terms of sociology and mention must be made of Henri Berre and Lucien Febre. H.P.M. Goddijn.

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Ponsioen,J. A.