Groepsdynamica. Een nieuw gebied van de sociale wetenschap

IJzerman,Th. J.


Two books are introduced: E. H. de Waal, Notes on Groupwork and Sociology, and W. G. Berkhout, Prematurely Applied Scientific Investigation. Group dynamics (GD) as a branch of sociology is of recent origin. Its promoter Kurt Lewin was concerned with the socio-psychological processes of the group. Exp's lead to practical problems as regards decisions to be taken, the influence of the leadership, etc. GD is therefore more than just research work. It aims at being a link by applying its results to the benefit of business activities, Schools, etc. Those who are interested in socio-psychological research will draw much benefit from a better understanding of GD and group-activity. The author recommends to his Dutch readers more interest in this branch of sociology. H.P.M. Goddijn.


Group dynamics; Sociocultural factors; Psychological factors; Group research

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