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Tot mijner gedachtenisse. Een vergelijking van de remonstrantse uitdelingswoorden bij het avondmaal met de gereformeerde





Remonstrants, Lord's Supper, Biblical justification, Simon Episcopius, seventeenth cenutry polemic


In 1640, the Remonstrants had liturgical forms for baptism and the Lord's Supper printed for the first time. This article takes a closer look at the words of administration at the Lord's Supper. In order to gain insight into the specific remonstrant position they are compared to the Reformed wording. This shows that the remonstrants placed particular emphasis on the Biblical justification of the wording used and on the connection with the London mother church and the first national synods in the Netherlands.

Author Biographies

Klaas-Willem de Jong

Klaas-Willem de Jong served four reformed congregations as a minister, is currently Assistant Professor of Church Polity at the Protestant Theological University in the Netherlands and leader of the project ‘The Dynamics of the Classical Reformed Liturgy in the Netherlands: Its Texts and their History’.

Sam Zwemer

Sam Zwemer, MA is a PhD student at the Protestant Theological University (PThU, Amsterdam) working on the history of the classical reformed Dutch form for the celebration of the Lords Supper within the project ‘The dynamics of the Classial Reformed Liturgy in the Netherlands: Its Texts and their History’.





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