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Liturgische Theologie als Praxisreflexion. Qualitative Forschung unter Benediktineroblaten


  • Thomas Quartier OSB




The relation between liturgical practice and theological reflection is by no means self-evident, especially in a secularized society. How can academic theology be rooted in liturgical life, and how can liturgical involvement play a vital role in the task of theology to reflect on liturgical tradition and practice? Liturgical theology is an attempt to bridge that gap between practice and reflection. The voice of practitioners as part of theological discourse is an important ingredient for this hermeneutical dialogue. Monastic life offers a space where liturgical and theological life can meet, especially in Benedictine abbeys. There, liturgical experience (theologia prima) is directly linked to theological reflection (theologia secunda), which leads to critical impulses for both, liturgy and theology, inside and outside abbey walls. Today, monastic communities are shrinking, but there is a growing interest in liturgical life among affiliated members of abbeys: the number of Benedictine oblates are growing. What is their view on liturgical experience, reflection and criticism? In this article, I present findings from a qualitative survey among fifty-three Dutch Benedictine oblates. Their answers are analyzed by coding procedures and interpreted theologically. They form an example of liturgical theology as practice-reflection.





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