Preaching in a Lamenting Mode. Easter Lockdown Sermons in the Netherlands


  • André Verweij



COVID-19-pandemic, Easter sermons, Protestant Church, Netherlands, Easter


As the COVID-19 pandemic brought fear and anxiety to people around the world, the Christian community is called to give witness to her hope in the risen Lord. Preaching is a major channel of this witness. The analysis of five Easter sermons, preached in April 2020 by pastors of the Protestant Church in the Netherlands, brings to the fore how an alarming contextual situation weighs in on the tone and content of Easter preaching in local churches. A lamenting mode of preaching was found, that voices local communities’ distress and strengthens hope, repeating the salvific message of Easter in the face of bewilderment and suffering. The analysis underscores and adds to homiletical theory on lament in preaching.

Author Biography

André Verweij

Dr. André Verweij, born 1959, is a pastor of the Protestant Church in the Netherlands, associate researcher of the Protestant Theological University in the Netherlands, and a member of the Societas Doctorum Ecclesiae of the University.