From Dislocation to Relocation: Preaching in Times of Transition


  • Alfred Stephen



This article dwells with ‘Preaching in Times of Transition’ by focussing on the existential reality of the ‘Refugees’ (as we call them) from different parts outside India and relocated in Tamilnadu, from the perspective of their socio-cultural and familial dislocation that has created for them a new world in which they are forced to live. Dislocation from the home-land can result in multi-dimensional disturbances and interruptions. In my opinion, dislocation from their land is like uprooting a fully grown tree from its original place of sprouting and germination and planting it in a new place. Relocation of these people into a new context that is different in every possible way is an experience of humiliation and dehumanization. In most cases relocated peoples are unwelcome, discounted, overlooked, irritated, and rejected, In the process of dislocation and relocation, they not only go through alienation from their own land but also experience psycho-traumatic outbursts. I propose that a story method of preaching would lead to a psycho-therapeutic experience. The theory I propose here is three dimensional narratation.

Author Biography

Alfred Stephen

Alfred Stephen, born in 1959, is Professor of Homiletics at Tamilnadu Theological Seminary and Ordained Minister of the Church of South India.