Moraal en digitaal vermaak. De sociale constructie van digitaal gevaar in Nederland en de VS


  • Kuipers,Giselinde


Internet, Popular culture, Racism, Humor, Netherlands, Sexual behavior, Computer mediated communication, United States of America, Crosscultural differences, Cybersex, Ethnic humor


Cyber Life. Moral and Digital Entertainment. The Internet is a medium not only of information and communication, but also of entertainment. Much of this digital entertainment is transgressive -- more so than in other media, owing to the complex regulation and the anonymity of the Internet. This transgressive entertainment has led to debate, worry, and sometimes to outright moral panics and attempts at legal intervention. This paper discusses reactions to two forms of 'dangerous' digital entertainment: ethnic humor and cybersex. It compares the way the dangers of these entertainments are construed in online discussions by Dutch and American Internet users. Ethnic humor is virtually absent on the Dutch part of the Internet, and is widely considered dangerous, whereas it circulates widely on the English-language part. Cybersex, on the other hand, is not considered very dangerous by Dutch Internet users; but is often construed as a moral danger by American Internet users. 25 References. Adapted from the source document.

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