Cybersociologie. Een beknopt kookboekje


  • Wouters,Paul


Internet, Social science research, Research methodology


Cybersociology. A Short Cook Book. This short cookbook is an introduction for the beginning Internet researcher. Based on an extensive literature review, it discusses the ways the Internet can and cannot be used in social science research. The various stages of research create different opportunities to make use of the Internet. Each of them is discussed. The cookbook warns against exaggerated claims relating to the Internet. Most of the data on the net are simply unfit for inclusion in social science data sets. A skeptical attitude is, paradoxically, probably the most productive one for methodological innovation in social science research. The cookbook explains a number of do's and don'ts and provides references to useful literature and Web sites. The topics discussed cover both qualitative and quantitative research methods, and range from the use of search engines for the creation of data sets to the fun of online interviewing. In fact, use of the Internet may help blurring the boundary between these styles of research. The cookbook concludes with a number of meta-methodological considerations. 84 References. Adapted from the source document.

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