'Wij zijn de Borg'. Microsoft en de strijd om de controle over het internet


  • Franklin,M. I.


Monopolies, High technology industries, Organizational behavior, Legal system, Criminal proceedings, Internet, Power, Trials, Computer software, Microsoft corporation


'We Are the Borg.' Microsoft and the Struggle for Controlling the Internet. In 1998, the antitrust trial between the US Dept of Justice and the Microsoft Corp finally began after years of preparation. Microsoft was charged with abusing its near-total monopoly of the global software market by employing a number of strong-arm tactics in its business dealings. Former allies, long-standing opponents, and many consumer and 'open-source' software advocates lined up to file evidence, and other lawsuits, against Microsoft. However, by 2002, Microsoft's market dominance and share-price had been barely dented. This article critically analyzes this trial with respect to how it illustrates an intense power struggle for control of the Internet, both within the corporate ICT sector and at the grassroots level of 'open-source' software advocates. It places the various vested interests at stake in the context of three key developments in ICTs: the deregulation, liberalization, and privatization of telecommunications; the huge popularity of the Internet for ordinary users; and developments in user-friendly computer technologies from non commercial as well as commercial initiatives. The political, economic, and sociotechnological elements of this power struggle are drawn together by using a science fiction metaphor: the struggles between the crew of the Starship Enterprise and the Borg in the Star Trek TV series. The Borg are an aggressive, efficient, and merciless species with a highly sophisticated hi-tech society that seeks to take over and 'assimilate' all others. They are both feared and admired for they are very good at what they do. 99 References. Adapted from the source document.

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Franklin,M. I.