'In Turkije gaat het tegenwoordig net zo.' De culturele repertoires van een Turks gezin in een multi-etnische wijk


  • Dibbits,Hester


Ethnic identity, Cultural identity, Cultural maintenance, Assimilation, Acculturation, Middle Eastern cultural groups, Netherlands, Culture contact, Television viewing


Cultural Repertoires of a Turkish Family in a Multiethnic Neighborhood. This article deals with the relation between processes of ethnicization and integration, based on an analysis of the cultural repertoires of one Turkish family visited by the author weekly for about 18 months. Living in a multiethnic neighborhood, the different members of the family show a strong Turkish ethnic consciousness with regard to language use, social network, TV viewing, food preferences, the celebration of calendar feasts, and religious orientation. However, their ethnic identity cannot be regarded as static; it is constantly redefined by discussions with family and friends. In this process, Turkish TV plays an important role in presenting images of modern Turkey. In daily life, sharp distinctions are made between different situational contexts; conventions in ways of behavior differ according to the situation and are adapted, which allows for a selective appropriation of "new" rituals, eg, celebration of birthdays. Differences between the cultural repertoires of Turkish people in Germany and those in Utrecht are discussed, identifying the need for more systematic research into the role of the local context in processes of ethnicization and integration. The impact of the presence of a large Moroccan minority in the Netherlands is assessed. It is suggested that the attitude of Dutch people toward various aspects of Turkish culture should be taken into account when analyzing processes of ethnicization and integration. Daily life in a multiethnic neighborhood strengthens ethnic consciousness and the idea of being "different," a process that may be accompanied by a quest for new symbols of distinction if old ones have become too common. 28 References. Adapted from the source document.

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