Een beetje discipline. De dwang van het particulier onderwijs


  • Regt,Ali de
  • Weenink,Don


Netherlands, Dropouts, Middle class, Academic achievement, High school students, Private schools, Parent child relations, Discipline, Educational mobility


The Pressure of Private Education. The pressure on children to stay in education for an extended period of their lives is high. Children who cannot meet this obligation are in danger of becoming school dropouts. Upper-middle-class parents confronted with their children's failing in regular secondary education can resort to private education to ward off the threat of downward mobility. Parents and children who choose this possibility define the children's school problems not as their lack of intellectual capacities, but as a lack of discipline or self-control. While these parents succeed in installing their own high ambitions in their children, they do not succeed in disciplining their children to fulfill these ambitions. Private schools, characterized by strict rules and permanent supervision, provide the needed discipline. Children subject themselves to this strict school regime, because for them it is the only way to get a high school diploma, and avoid downward mobility. 18 References. Adapted from the source document.

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Regt,Ali de