Sterke verhalen. Een kwalitatieve analyse van de mythologie van bodybuilders


  • Koert,Willem


Qualitative methods, Physical fitness, Males, Human body, Myths, Self concept, Netherlands


Tales of Strength. A Qualitative Analysis of the Mythology of Bodybuilders. Analyzes a variety of tall tales and urban myths told in a bodybuilding gym in the Netherlands to counter common perspectives on bodybuilders (especially male ones) as sexist, fascist, and narcissistic creatures who lock themselves up in an unrealistic world of muscles and health because they are unable to cope with modern society. It is found that the stories, despite their diversity, contain a common undercurrent of fear; they reflect the bodybuilder's perception of the world as a dangerous place ruled by the laws of survival of the fittest and strongest. Thus, committing onself to bodybuilding is viewed as an attempt to improve chances of survival. However, it is also found that bodybuilders do not see themselves as immortal, superior, or invincible, as the stories reflect the realization that a strong physique will not guarantee survival. It is concluded that bodybuilding is primarily a form of therapy, not a "social evil.". 10 References. Adapted from the source document.

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