Schaamte, schande en gezichtsverlies. Hoe Curaçaose moeders aankijken tegen het delinquente gedrag van hun zonen


  • San,Marion van


Behavior problems, Juvenile delinquency, Curacao, Parental attitudes, Mothers, Sons, Parent child relations


Shame, Disgrace and Loss of Face. How Do Curacao Mothers View the Delinquent Behavior of Their Sons. Investigates a relation between Curacaoan mothers' attitudes and their sons' delinquent behavior in the Netherlands, following up Van San's (1996 [see abstract 9708532]) findings that mothers play a significant role in perpetrators' justifications for their behaviors, eg, stealing and knifing. Drawing on interview data from 30 of the boys' mothers, it was found that, while they think their sons are good, they acknowledge and sometimes tolerate their criminality, attributing it to outside factors -- eg, "bad" friends who lack loving mothers, laxity of Dutch society, absence of the father. It is concluded that, although the mothers tend to be deeply ashamed of their sons' delinquent behavior, they justify it in the same ways the perpetrators themselves do, especially when so-called questions of honor are at stake. 20 References. Adapted from the source document.

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San,Marion van