Ontwikkelingen in de mediterrane landschaps-archeologie aan het GIA. Waar komen we vandaan en waar gaan we naartoe?




Developments in Mediterranean landscape archaeology at the GIA: Where have we come from and where are we heading? In this paper, I discuss in brief the development of Mediterranean landscape archaeology in Italy as this has taken shape at the Groningen Institute of Archaeology (GIA) from the 1980s onwards in the Pontine Region Project, in southern Lazio, in central Italy, and in the Raganello Archaeological Project, in northern Calabria, in southern Italy. I do this against the theoretical and methodological background of the rise of systematic artefact survey and the fruitful discussions that practitioners have about the interpretation of the archaeological surface record, multidisciplinarity in landscape archaeology research, and the application of new methods and techniques. I end with a few words on the importance of data integration, as is now happening within the framework of the Rome Hinterland Project, an undertaking that is being carried out by the universities of Groningen (coordinator), Durham (in cooperation with the British School at Rome), St. Andrews, Rome (La Sapienza), Leiden and Melbourne.