Archeologie voor snackers, ondiepe gravers en diepgravers: de archeoloog als verhalenverteller


  • Harrie Wolters



Archaeology for ‘paddlers’, ‘swimmers’ and ‘divers’. This article gives a brief outline of the numerous ways in which people can get involved in archaeology. The most important message is the idea that archaeology revolves around ‘storytelling’; the archaeologist is a person who tells stories about the past. This approach can be used to appeal to three target groups: ‘paddlers’, ‘swimmers’ and ‘divers’. The article is written by a director of the Hunebedcentrum, a museum which has more than 50 years’ experience of telling stories to a wide public. It is an example of ‘archaeology for all,’ an approach that can also be applied to other activities in which archaeology has a role to play. The world has changed rapidly over the past 25 years. New media, such as smartphones, drones, audio-visual equipment and other technology, mean that the world can be experienced in a completely different way today than it could in the past. There are wonderful opportunities available to those who are receptive to new ideas. A subject such as archaeology, which stimulates people’s imagination, is particularly suitable in this context.