Borger REVISITED, de nederzetting op de Daalkampen (Dr.)


  • P.B. Kooi
  • M.J.M. de Wit


The Daalkampen, east of Borger in Drenthe is a Plaggen-soil area with settlement traces dating from the Bronze and IronAges. The first excavations were carried out by GIA during the years 1994–1997, followed by a new one in 2002 as a joint enterprise by GIA and ARC. The results during this last excavation came up to expectations: 10 house plans, 38 granaries, fences and several pits. The oldest house plans, of the Emmerhout and Elp types, can be dated between 1400 and 800 BC; the youngest, of Hijken and related types, can be dated between 800 and 100 BC. The majority of the the pits were probably in use for storage and for dumping garbage. The datings are partly confirmed by sherds of pottery as found in nos. 86 and 107 from about 900 BC; no. 218: Harpstedter Rauhtopf, and no. 282: Ruinen-Wommels I and R-WII, covering a period from 700 up till 250 BC. Combination of the dates for house types and pottery makes it clear that habitation on this part of the Daalkampen took place between about 900 and 250 BC.