Archeologische vindplaatsen in de vlakte van Soúrpi Voorlopige resultaten van de surveys in 2000 en 2002


  • Reinder Reinders


The archaeological survey in the territory of the Hellenistic city of New Halos (Thessaly, Greece) was continued in 2002. From June 28 until August 20 archaeologists and students of Groningen University surveyed the Soúrpi plain, in cooperation with archaeologists of the 13th Ephorate of Prehistoric and Classical Antiquities at Vólos. A large number of sites were documented in 2002, including farm sites of the Late Roman and Byzantine periods, and remains of a Turkish storage building. Close to the site of a Hellenistic/Roman villa two other sites of this period were found. One of these sites was characterized by a large number of hypocaust bricks and recent field kilns for the production of tiles and bricks.