Archeozoölogisch onderzoek van paardachtigen (equidae sp.) uit het vroegneolithische Nabije Oosten


  • Ilona Kaptein


Archaeozoological research of Equids other than ‘real’ horses is not very extensive. Therefore we know little about the distribution of Equus hemionus onager and Equus africanus somalicus in the Neolithic period of the Near East. The Neolithic site of Tell Bouqras in the northern part of Syria holds the remains of Equids. The question whether onagers and wild asses occurred together in this area has been answered with the help of these remains. Because of the poor preservation of these bones, however, it is not clear whether the animals were hunted by the people of Tell Bouqras. More study is necessary to find out how these two Equid groups lived together or alongside each other in the Neolithic period of the Near East.