Holocene vegetatiegeschiedenis van de Sibaritide (Calabrië, Italië): analyse van het pollenmateriaal uit Lago Forano



In October 2001 a pollen core was taken from Lago Forano in Southern Italy. This coring covers a date range from the Late Glacial period into at least the Bronze Age, supplementing the scarce data of the central Mediterranean pollen record. Analysis of the pollen material shows the transition from the Late Glacial to the Holocene, characterized by an increase of humidity and tree growth. Wettest conditions were found at about 8700 BP. After this period, a decrease of tree growth can be seen, probably caused by human impact. Proof of human impact was found in two main periods: the first around 8700 BP, the second at about 4700 BP, the latter with clear indications of an emphasis on animal husbandry.