Spitsen van Siegerswoude (Fr.), Emmerhout (Dr.) en Luttenberg (Ov.): Gebruikssporenonderzoek



In an earlier paper (Rots et al., 2002), it was concluded that out of 35 points from the Creswellian site at Zei-jen, 31 indeed functioned as parts of projectiles such as arrows; a significant proportion of these (al least 8) were not hafted as tips but as barbs. Two points turned out to have been used as borers. In this paper the results of a use-wear analysis by the first author of points from three other sites are summarized: two Cre-swellian sites (Siegerswoude II and Emmerhout) and one Late Hamburgian site (Luttenberg). The same picture emerged: most points were indeed parts of projectiles, but a few were in fact used as borers. Taking together the investigated points from all four sites (n = 86), about 84 % were used as parts of projectiles. Hafting as a tip was applied about three times as often as hafting as a barb. Of the total of 86 inspected points, 6 were in fact used as borers. In general, however, for this category at least, a strong correlation exists between typology and function.