De Hamburg-vindplaats bij Ureterp (Fr.): een opgraving tijdens de Tweede Wereldoorlog


  • Dick Stapert
  • Lykke Johansen


The Hamburgian site at Ureterp (Friesland): an excavation during World War II. The largest Hamburgian site in the Netherlands is at Ureterp, excavated by A. Bohmers for Das Ahnen-erbe in 1943-1944. In 2005, Hans Zwier of the GIA rediscovered the original of the excavation plan that had been published, very much reduced, by Bohmers in1947. It contains a great deal of data including find numbers. Prompted by this find, the authors have embarked on the ‘Ureterp Project’, with the aim of extracting as much evidence as possible from this plan. First, a digital file in the ANALITHIC format will be created. Later, as many flint artefacts as possible will be studied. A density map for the site as a whole is presented. In the northern part of the excavation, a possible ‘tent ring’ of larger stones can be discerned, shown in two other maps.