Een Scandinavische vrachtvaarder uit de Late Middeleeuwen?


  • Alice Overmeer
  • André van Holk
  • Reinder Reinders


A Scandinavian cargo ship from the Late Middle Ages. In the summer of 2007 a shipwreck in the Noordoostpolder (province of Flevoland) was resurveyed. The survey had three aims. First, to gain additional information about this particular shipwreck, to be used for a PhD study on clinker-built ships found in Flevoland. Second, to start a pilot project with students, as a precursor to the International Fieldschool for Maritime Archaeology Flevoland (IFMAF), due to start in June 2008. Third, to inspect the physical condition of the wreck. The wreck turned out to be a completely clinker-built ship, which lay upside-down in the ground. The strakes were connected by rove and rivet. The structural elements and the provenance of the timber seem to point to a Scandinavian or Baltic provenance of the ship. The felling date of the ship’s timber is AD 1476. The survey was of great value as a fieldschool pilot. It provided building blocks for establishing the international fieldschool proper in the following year.