Survey in de steppe: de eerste veldcampagne van het Džarylgač project (De Krim, Oekraïne)



Survey around lake Džarylgač (Crimea, Ukraine). Following a pilot survey in 2006, the Centre for Black Sea Studies (CBSS) at Aarhus, funded by the Danish National Research Foundation, started a survey around lake Džarylgač in May 2007. This project is carried out in collaboration with the Crimean branch of the Institute of Archaeology of Ukraine (NASU) at Simferopol and the Groninger Instituut voor Archeologie (GIA). Central to the project is the investigation of socio-economic interaction between Greek colonists and indigenous peoples during the Hellenistic period, based on a reconstruction of the settlement and landuse patterns of the period. It is thought that in this period the northwestern Crimea was part of the remote chora of first Olbia and thereafter Chersonesos. In the Džarylgač Survey Project (DSP), the survey methodology elaborated by the GIA Mediterranean archaeologists for their research in central and southern Italy was successfully applied to a study area in the northwestern part of the Crimea around lake Džarylgač. Sites dating to the Hellenistic period were discovered in the arable fields around the lake and on the shore as well as on the surrounding slopes. These ranged from small artefact scatters to large sites with preserved stone foundations. Where useful, surveys were complemented with geomagnetic prospection and trial excavations.