Een tweede ‘Mander’: een recentelijk ontdekt kampement van Neanderthalers (Dr.)



A second site of the ‘Mander type’ in the northern Netherlands: a recently discovered Neanderthal encampment in the province of Drenthe. In 2007, the authors started a project entitled “The Middle Palaeolithic Occupation of the Northern Netherlands”, in which special attention is given to the Drenthe-Frisian boulderclay plateau. In addition to the compilation of an illustrated catalogue of finds, our research will focus on the geographical setting of Neanderthal sites. Systematic field surveys in known or potentially promising locations are an important part of the project. During these surveys, an extensive Middle Palaeolithic site was discovered. In terms of artefact numbers, it is already the second largest in the northern part of the Netherlands, after Mander in the province of Overijssel. In total, 17 artefacts were found: three hand-axes (of which two are complete), a preform of a bifacial tool (probably a hand-axe), a possible side-scraper, two cores and 10 flakes including a blade-like flake. The complete hand-axes both have a ‘cordiforme’ or subtriangular outline and are quite small; they fit well into the Mousterian of Acheulian Tradition type A, and most probably date from the first half of the Weichselian.