Survey in de steppe: de tweede veldcampagne van het Džarylgač project (De Krim, Oekraïne)


  • P. Attema
  • J. Delvigne
  • T. de Haas
  • W. de Neef
  • K. van der Veer
  • C. Williamson


Survey around Lake Džarylgač (Crimea, Ukraine). The article discusses the fieldwork in 2008 as a part of the Džarylgač Survey Project (DSP). This project studies the long-term settlement history of a coastal landscape on the western Crimea (Ukraine). During the 2008 campaign, a landscape classification was devised that divides the landscape into five zones: Lowland Ridge/Coastal Cliff, Coastal Lakes, the Pediment, the Hillsides and the Upland/Plateaus. Intensive gridded surveys (in ploughed fields on the Lowland Ridge/Coastal Cliff and Pediment) and extensive surveys on the Hillsides and Upland/Plateaus continued. In this second area a windmill park will be built in the near future, and geophysical prospections were done on a large scale to map any archaeological remains likely to be destroyed. Unfortunately, after the 2008 campaign the Crimean partners withdrew the research permit and the third planned field season will not take place. At the moment, the GIA and the Centre for Black Sea Studies (CBSS) are preparing the data of the 2007 and 2008 seasons for publication.