Tjeerd van Andel en het begin van de pollenanalyse in Groningen


  • H.T. Waterbolk


Tjeerd van Andel and the beginnings of pollen analysis at Groningen. During the Second World War, Tjeerd Hendrik van Andel (1923-2010) was a student-assistant at the Biological-Archaeological Institute. One of his tasks was to establish a pollen laboratory. After the war he left the archaeological field and turned to Geology. He made an impressive career in the US as an earth scientist and oceanographer. In 1988 he returned to archaeology and became an ‘Honorary Professor of Earth History, Quaternary Science and Geo-archaeology’ at the University of Cambridge, UK. In 1945 the author became his successor as a student-assistant. In this paper he describes their joint botanical and pedological work during the war as members of the phytosociology study group of the Nederlandse Jeugdbond voor Natuurstudie (Netherlands Youth League for the Study of Nature). These experiences were essential for the successful application of pollen analysis to the study of prehistoric barrows.