Iets nieuws uit Swifterbant (Fl.). Het aardewerk van S25 als sleutel voor nieuwe vergezichten



Something new from Swifterbant (province of Flevoland). The ceramics from S25 as a key to new horizons. This article presents results from the 2008-2010 research at the river-dune site Swifterbant S25. This project has yielded two new insights. Contrary to general assumption, the Swifterbant creek system functioned not only between c. 4300-4000 cal. BC, but was used as a transport system for several further centuries, perhaps until 3700 cal. BC. There are at least two archaeological sites along this younger phase of the creek system. These are S25, located in the eastern part, and S3, in the western part. These observations indicate that probably the major part of the system was still active in the period 4000-3700 cal. BC. The second insight is that around 4000 cal. BC major changes occurred in ceramic technology and decorative schemes. The younger ceramics represent an early phase of the Funnel Beaker (TRB) culture (with finds at both S3 and S25) and the Hazendonk Group (at S3).