Dynamische musea, statische vitrines. De prehistorie van Nederland tentoongesteld


  • Karla de Roest


Dynamic museums, static display cases. Exhibiting Prehistory in the Netherlands. Archaeologists are evermore confronted by the obligation to valorise their projects to society. In this instance, museums can provide assistance, since they specialize in exhibiting and explaining cultural heritage to the general public. However, modern museums are concerned with staying relevant to the demands of twenty-first century audiences. This article begins with an overview of the development of museums. Secondly, it examines the way in which temporary expositions of Dutch prehistory are exhibited. It seems that the concept of a modern museum is forgotten the moment showcases are filled with sherds. In the concluding section, new directions are explored about the possibilities of making archaeological exhibitions more evoking and more fitting to the dynamic nature of a modern museum. With combined strengths, we can show the relevance of our past to modern society in an appealing way.