Voor een dubbeltje op de eerste rij - bijzondere bronzen potjes uit Noord-Nederland


  • Vincent van Vilsteren


Remarkable bronze cauldrons from the Northern Netherlands. In the article 18 small bronze cauldrons without handles are presented. The distribution of this unusual type from the 12th to 18th centuries appears to be restricted to the Northern Netherlands. Some of the cauldrons still show traces of an iron band around the neck. Some others are clearly unfinished products: the presence of a casting blob, casting seam and the clearly visible chaplets or spacers all indicate an unusual degree of negligence of the founder. It is argued that the small cauldrons were deposited as offerings on the occasion of a foundation or abandonment of a farm. Find circumstances do not contradict this interpretation. If the cauldrons were not meant to be used for cooking, the customer could ask the bronze founder for a small earless, not well finished cauldron and negotiate for a reduction in price.