Een bronzen dolkkling uit het dal van de Grote Masloot bij Donderen (Dr.)


  • W.A.B. van der Sanden


A bronze dagger blade from the river valley of Grote Masloot in Donderen (Dr.). During the construction of a gas pipeline in 2013, a bronze blade of a dagger was discovered by an amateur archaeologist to the west of Donderen (municipality of Tynaarlo, Province of Drenthe). The discovery is now in the collection of the Drents Museum. The blade is 17.3 cm long and slightly lenticular on cross section; it has six rivets and groove bands. In the Needham typology, the artefact is an Armorico-British dagger, specifically type 3A (Winterborne Stoke). The dagger dates to the Early Bronze Age (1950-1750/1700 BC). It is unclear whether it is an import from Northwestern France or England. Presumably, it is an offering deposited near a crossing in the Grote Masloot. The owner of the dagger may have belonged to the community which buried their dead in the Noordsche Veld. More depositions have been found in other places along the Grote Masloot. An important site in Achterste Holten lies further south of the location where the dagger was found.