Depot Jonkersvaart (Gr.): twee 9de eeuwse zilveren muntfibula’s en een Romeinse bronzen munt


  • Henny Groenendijk
  • Martin van den Bosch


The hoard from Jonkersvaart. (Groningen): two 9th-century silver coin brooches and a Roman bronze coin. The interpretation of hoards often suffers from a poor description of the find context. The recent (2014) discovery of a silver hoard of two ‘Viking’ coin ornaments and a Roman bronze coin in a meadow near Jonkersvaart, in the Groningen Westerkwartier region, offered an opportunity to investigate the finds’ context. The hoard had been buried in a peatbog, at the transition of the peaty topsoil to the sand below. The Scandinavian-style brooches, made from an Umayyad coin and an imitation solidus of Louis the Pious, both mounted in a sevenfold filigree rim,had been buried in the second half of the 9th century AD. The brooches appear to have been manufactured at the same workshop. The lady who owned these valuable ornaments may have lived at a nearby settlement in the hinterland of the Frisian coast, where Scandinavian connections were common.