Een multifunctioneel 3D-model: interdisciplinair onderzoek naar een opgeworpen heuvel te Crustumerium (Italië)


  • Peter Attema
  • Remco Bronkhorst
  • Nikolaas Noorda


A multifunctional 3D model: inter-disciplinary research on an artificial mound at Crustumerium (Italy). In 2014, researchers of the GIA and the archaeological service of Rome discovered that a giant mound at the Latin settlement of Crustumerium near Rome (9th c. to 5th c. BCE) contained a mortuary record of 300 years. Archaeological excavations and geophysical research revealed the mound as having a complex stratigraphy and intricate spatial relationships with the surrounding settlement and burial grounds. This made the excavation team realize that the mound can only be analysed and rendered comprehensible through advanced digital techniques. To achieve a proper archaeological interpretation of the monument, the team has started to explore the potential of the data in an accurate 3D environment. This paper discusses the present status and future perspectives of the project, highlighting 1) the scientific potential and challenges of studying complex archaeological features in a 3D environment and 2) the translation of such work into an appealing while scientifically valid model for public outreach.