Dat mag in de krant! Archeohistorisch onderzoek naar de ondergang van een 19de-eeuwse tjalk op de Zuiderzee


  • Yftinus van Popta



This must be in the newspaper! Archaeo-historical research into the wreck of a 19th century sailing barge on the Zuiderzee. This paper focuses on a flat-bottomed sailing barge (known as a tjalk) built in the 19th-century that was wrecked on the Zuiderzee, the Netherlands. The wreck of the tjalk was discovered and excavated in the 1970s on lot ZQ 18 near Zeewolde (province of Flevoland). Inside the wreck, hundreds of objects were discovered, including more than 30 scraps of printed paper that were initially interpreted as being part of a bible. New research, based on keyword analyses in digital archives, has revealed the identity of almost all of these scraps. Most of them come from several editions (1890 and 1892) of the local newspaper, called the Nieuwe Veendammer Courant. Clearly, the ship was connected to the surroundings of Veendam. This newly available information was successfully used to examine historical records that mentioned shipwrecks on the Zuiderzee from 1892 onwards. The shipwreck ZQ 18 turned out to be that of the Drie Gezusters, owned by captain W. Meijer of Wildervank, which sank on the Zuiderzee during the night of June 19, 1893.